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Welcome to our website. We provide the construction and renovation of residential buildings for private sector and also for public sector. We carry out the construction and renovation of schools, shopping centers, office buildings, sports centers, parking houses etc.  


It is natural for us to realize the work of a quality conforming ideas of the investors. Our work meet the requirements of the relevant standards. Behind us is a lot of completed construction, insulation, renovations ... which is now used by our satisfied customers. We are following new trends in construction, we obtain certificates and increasing our expertise so we can maximized the needs of people and companies that appeal to us. We work with high-level players in the construction market, who are supplying the material or provide us certification. On that basis, we are able to perform construction, insulation, renovation ... a different kind of difficulty and flexibility to adapt to customer requirements.


All buildings are notifying on 'Testing and Research Institute building ", thus ensuring the quality of construction as besides the control of our company and the customer's check is still controlled by third authorities (inspection authorities).


You also have the option to use our services and become our satisfied customer. If you are interested in our services, or you have questions, please do not hesistate to contact us, we will try to provide an answer within 24 hours.




Iveta Galandová

0940 606 449

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