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As the right construction company we can build the project according to your wishes, redo bathrooms and a variety of interiors. Whether it is a home, office or on the factory, we are fully available for you. Our company has several years of operation in the field of construction and implemented dozens of orders at the end of which they were always satisfied customers. High quality materials and professionally trained staff are a guarantee of the highest quality.



Tibor Galanda Company operates in the construction industry - a caring and cosmetic treatment efficiency of residential buildings, buildings, private homes, apartments, bathrooms, homes to key.
Our satisfied customers include government organizations, companies and private investors and private individuals.
Our company has existed since 1996 in the beginning specialized in interior, but gradually passed to the exterior. It started installing and repairing boilers, in government organizations and the private sector, on solid fuel and gas. Distribution of central heating are included in this work. Because hot water is a normal standard of living, started to mount hot water electric boilers and instantaneous gas water heaters. Were added plumbing and sanitary works for the handicapped. At that time it was mostly a job as a bathroom for disabled, such as interior modernization. Orphanage, primary school ... This gradually since 1999, added insulation and renovation of buildings and their interiors, what is a main activity of the company. Construction of private houses, thermal insulation of residential units, private houses, buildings, organizations, repair system failures balconies, gable walls and gable end planks blend of walls, windows and doors, laying of tiles and tiling, bathrooms and dressing rooms for disabled, modification and replacement cores of housing units, modification and repair of roofs.
Ensuring the delivery of high quality material is certainity of the company.
We work with skilled and trained workers and quality materials.
Of course there is a work contract with a fixed price, unit price and guarantee period.


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