From the most of buildings we require secure as possible most stable temperature and degree of humidity in the interior, combined with the lowest permeability of sound and reducing the cost of operating the building. It would have probably all of us wish that this design was the best permanent and without further investment.

The quality of the thermal insulation of the building is based not only amount of monthly operating costs, but increasingly also rent amount and the market value of the building. The energy level of thermal insulation of the building is expressed as an annual energy consumption in the building. The cause of high energy consumption is mainly in excessive heat losses caused by poorly insulated buildings. If the wall of the building separated zones with different climatic conditions (eg -20 ° C outdoors and +20 ° C in the building), it becomes a place where are various transitions and heat transfer. Heat always passes from warmer places to cooler operation.



Insulation performs several functions:

1.Total energy function - reducing heat loss in winter and in summer also partially prevents ingress of hot air into the building. Several independent studies have shown that complex insulation can save up to 50% of heat for heating buildings.
2.Ekonomická function - saving heat PRAM affect the cost of heating the building in the summer for its cooling. Today, rising energy prices, the return on investment is still falling (now it is 5-8 years).
3.Ekologická function - not just energy consumption energy costs, but also a waste of environmental resources. Excessive CO2 emissions (heating of buildings: 30 to 35% of the total air emissions), produced by the burning of various types of fuels into the atmosphere, causing the greenhouse effect danger to us all.
4.Hygienic feature - on the cold surface of the walls in many cases there is a decrease in surface temperature, thereby creating ideal conditions for the emergence and growth of various fungi and molds. Increases the insulation surface temperature of the walls in the room and thus eliminates one of the fundamental conditions of the above-mentioned microorganisms.
5.Estetic aspect - building insulation gets new packaging in combination with a nice facade that meets the requirements for the owner of a building and the building gets a new nicer look. Insulation also acts as secure of building against adverse weather conditions.



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